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explorer your options

Choosing Wisely


The process of choosing a school is different for every family. But there are a few common features to every selection process: learning about the concept of boarding schools; researching schools and making a shortlist; requesting information; and visiting campuses. The first step happens here.


BoardingSchools.com exists to help parents and students explore, compare, and choose a boarding school that meets their specific goals. This site offers a broad overview of boarding schools, their educational model, history, and various types. First, familiarize yourself with what boarding schools are all about.


Once you're familiar with the boarding school concept, you can use online tools like the School Browser to get a sense of the range of college preparatory boarding schools. The Guided Search, with its rich variety of search options, will help you narrow down the selection pool or identify schools with specific features, programs, or characteristics. Our School Profiles will enable you to discover more extensive information about each of our almost 300 member schools. All of which should help you develop a shortlist of schools that you can devote time to exploring offline.


Contact the Admission offices of the schools that interest you. Boarding school Admission offices are a treasure trove of information. They'll send you viewbooks, videos, and curriculum information free of charge.


The next step in the process moves beyond the web, and includes campus visits, school fairs, and even thinking about boarding school summer programs, which can help you narrow your choices even more.