campus visits

campus visits

Being There


Campus visits are an invaluable help in choosing a boarding school. After all, whether you are a student thinking of attending a boarding school or a parent, getting a feel for the campus environment is a critical step in the decision making process. Admission offices listed on school web sites can help set up a visit for you and your family.

It's generally best to visit when school is in session. During a typical academic day, you'll have a campus tour, a chance to witness teacher-student interactions firsthand, as well as see what the residential environment is like on a normal school day. In addition to these informal assessments, you'll also generally have a more structured conversation with the boarding school admissions staff, giving you the opportunity to ask targeted questions about a variety of topics including:

  • Curriculum
  • Faculty and Administration
  • Campus and Residential Life
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Religious Affiliation
  • School Demographics
  • Admission and Tuition

It is also important to note that any interview works both ways. You'll interview the admissions officer about the school, but he or she will also ask you questions to assess your reasons and goals in considering a boarding school. Your responses will often be shared with the Admissions Committee. By the time you leave, all of the different interactions should have given you and your family a solid impression of the school and whether or not it is a good fit.