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It isn't all that surprising that there is an industry devoted to educational consulting. The range of choices in today's academic environment is both exciting and a little overwhelming. Many families prefer to engage an expert to help them navigate the selection process. The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) is the leading national organization designed to match parents and students with credentialed educational consultants.

An IECA consultant will work with you to identify your child's specific educational needs, as well as their affinities and interests. Having developed a good understanding of your child's needs and goals, the consultant can develop a custom list of options that will likely suit your particular objectives. You'll want to look for an IECA consultant with a focus on K-12 boarding school selection. These consultants have real firsthand knowledge of dozens of boarding schools, having toured and evaluated numerous campuses. Not only do they know specific institutions, but they are intimately familiar with boarding school standards of quality and can provide critical comparative insights as you narrow your choices.

Search for an educational consultant near you on the IECA site.

For more information on the overall value of  independent schools and tips on choosing a school that meets the needs of your child, visit the National Association of Independent Schools Parents’ Guide.





IECA Member Consultants Who Are TABS Associate Members
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Antonoff Associates Inc. (IECA Professional Member)
Apply Ivy (IECA Associate Member)
Avery Educational Resources (IECA Professional Member)
Beijing Kentrexs Intl. Ltd (IECA Associate Member)
Branleigh Educational Consultants (IECA Associate Member)
Cogita Education Initiatives (IECA Professional Member)
Dobson Educational Services, Inc. (IECA Professional Member)
DY Oceanic Consultants LLC (IECA Professional Member)
EDICM, Educational Information, Consulting and Mentoring, (IECA Professional Member)
Educate Abroad (IECA Associate Member)
Foundation Global Education (IECA Associate Member)
Greenwich Education Group (IECA Professional Member)
Heidi Molbak Educational Consultant LLC (IECA Professional Member)
HGIEC (IECA Associate Member)
IGN Educational Consultants, LLC (IECA Associate Member)
Imy F. Wax & Associates (IECA Professional Member)
Itir Aydin Oveseas Educational Consultancy (IECA Associate Member)
Judi Robinovitz Associates Educational Consulting (IECA Professional Member)
Lee L. Chen, PhD, Educational Consultant (IECA Associate Member)
Marylou Marcus LLC (IECA Professional Member)
McMillan, Howland & Spence (IECA Professional Member)
NextStep: School Selection, LLC (IECA Professional Member)
Olive Education (IECA Professional Member)
Paula G. Feldman, MS Educational Consultant (IECA Professional Member)
Qingdao Broad Horizons Educational Exchange Co., Ltd (IECA Associate Member)
Sequoia Group (IECA Professional Member)
SUCCEED Educational Consulting, LLC (IECA Professional Member)
The Bertram Group, LLC (IECA Professional Member)
The School Counseling Group (IECA Professional Member)
Versan Educational Services (IECA Professional Member)
Virginia J. Bush & Associates (IECA Professional Member)
Virginia J. Bush & Associates Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (IECA Professional Member)
Wakefield Educational Consulting (IECA Professional Member)