summer programs

summer programs

Testing the Waters


Boarding schools represent a significant step forward for young people—and their families. For most, it is the first opportunity a student has had to live independently, with all of the associated responsibilities, both academic and social. Summer programs, generally taken one or two summers prior to enrollment, enable parents and students to decide whether the student is ready for the transition by giving students a taste of the boarding school experience.

Boarding school summer programs vary. At many, students will face a challenging academic curriculum modeled after typical school year curricula. They'll also receive the sort of personalized instruction they would receive during the regular school year. Other summer programs have a specialized focus. Beyond the classroom, students will be introduced to a sample of extracurricular activities a school regularly offers—from equestrian clubs to soccer teams and beyond—and experience firsthand the unique campus residential environment.

Given the significance of the transition from home to campus life, many families take advantage of summer programs to gauge both their own—and their child's—interest in the boarding school experience.

Contact schools directly to find out if they offer summer programs and to request related information.