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The Ruzicka Compass Premier Leadership Award recognizes extraordinary contributions to the excellence, advancement, and success of boarding schools. The Compass is named in honor of the late Steven D. Ruzicka, The Association of Boarding School's Executive Director from 1995-2007. A fitting symbol of Steve Ruzicka's profound commitment to do what was right and to pilot a true course is found in the compass, which revolutionized exploration and without which many of history’s great voyages might never have taken place. A steadying influence, rich with vision, and always true, even in turbulent times, Steve’s leadership likewise enabled great voyages for so many boarding schools, and for the leaders, educators, and families who live and serve in these remarkable communities.

The Award itself, an elegant, handcrafted artisan box with an inlaid compass, is presented on behalf of  TABS’ Board of Directors to one individual each year at the TABS Annual Conference. A larger, compass-themed plaque, bearing the names of each annual recipient, is maintained at TABS offices. 


January 15 – Call for Nominations issued

April 30 – Nominations Due

April / May – Initial review and due diligence.

May / June – Selection Committee meetings. Recommendation prepared for full Board.

June – Board action on recommendation

July – Recipient notified

December – Presentation of the Ruzicka Compass Premier Leadership Award at the 2014 TABS Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

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