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Special Notice: A moratorium on boarding school membership  is in effect until June 30, 2014. If you have questions, please contact the TABS office at 828 258 5354.


TABS members receive year-round access to great marketing and online support, professional development resources, and much more.

  • TABS is the only US-based organization exclusively serving boarding schools.
  • reaches parents, students and consultants all over the world.
  • The TABS Annual Conference is the premier gathering of boarding school professionals, offering timely sessions and prestigious speakers.
  • The Boarding Schools Directory, NowBoarding is published annually and distributed to families, schools, libraries, consultants, and embassies free-of-charge.
  • School Search - Online Information Request Service delivers informed inquiries to your admission office.
  • TABS researches and expands boarding school markets through its international recruitment fairs.
  • TABS professional development workshops provide specific programs to implement on your campus.
  • TABS events and online community allow boarding school professionals to network with their colleagues all over the world.

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The Boarding Schools Directory: NowBoarding

TABS signature publication is free to members, families, and educational consultants all over the world. |
The website serves nearly 5,000 sessions daily. Each school's Browser Card and School Profile is accessed by an average of 35 users each week. The site is continually expanding to better serve both families and TABS member schools.


For Prospective Families, Students and Consultants

  • Search the TABS member database with our various interactive tools: search by location, by courses, by activities and more
  • Link to member school websites
  • Download the Boarding Schools Admission Application Form
  • Learn about the admission process, financial aid, and international student issues

For Member Schools

  • Market your school using the various School Search tools
  • Receive computer-generated inquiries from prospective families
  • Promote your school events on the searchable online School Events Calendar
  • Post all of your school's employment openings on the TABS Career Center's job bank.
  • Register for the TABS conference and workshops
  • Update your membership information quickly and easily
  • Find important TABS updates and relevant boarding school articles

School Search

This Online service allows families, consultants and others to query the most comprehensive listing of boarding school programs, activities, and courses.


TABS Admission Application Form
Choose to use the TABS Admission Application Form to simplify the admission process for parents, students and teachers.


International Student Recruitment

Travel with TABS and fellow schools to collectively market throughout Asia and Latin America.


Professional Development for Boarding School Professionals


The Boarding Schools Conference
Receive the member rate for the singular event focusing on the needs of boarding school administrators and faculty specifically addressing leadership, enrollment management, marketing, advancement, financial sustainability, residential life, multiculturalism, health/counseling, college advising, and athletics.


Academies, Seminars & Workshops
Receive the member rate for all continuously evolving professional development focusing on current trends and issues to achieving and maintaining healthy enrollment, safe living environments and cutting-edge learning environments. For details, visit the TABS Workshop Calendar.


TABS3D Webinars

TABS provides our subscribed members online professional development webinars for administrators, faculty and staff, covering a range of topics, administrative disciplines and experience levels. For details and subscription information, visit TABS3D.

Membership Dues

The 2013-2014 dues for membership in TABS are based on the number of boarding students enrolled in your school on opening day of the school year during which your application is sent.


Boarding Enrollment
90 or fewer
91 to 226
227 and over

International Membership

International membership is available for schools located outside the US. Dues for these schools are paid in US dollars. Schools from countries not already represented in TABS must provide detailed accrediting information.

Minimum Full Membership Requirements


  1. The school must be an independent, nonprofit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) organization if in the U.S. (or, if outside the U.S., a nonprofit organization according to the laws of the country of operation).
  2. The school must be accredited by an evaluating agency recognized by TABS.
  3. The school must be nondiscriminatory under the law in admission and employment practices.
  4. The school must be, by mission and by practice, college-preparatory.
  5. The school must maintain student dormitory facilities, located either on campus or immediately adjacent to the campus. The dormitories must be supervised by adult employees of the school, at least some of whom should reside on campus and be present in a supervisory capacity throughout the night.
  6. Dormitories must be in operation for at least four (4) consecutive academic years preceding full membership.
  7. The school’s residential program should reflect the mission, culture, and character of the school, and should demonstrate thoughtful planning, commitment to best practice, and substantive integration with the school’s academic, co-curricular, and community activities.
  8. The school must maintain a boarding enrollment of at least:
         a. 25 students, or
         b. Counting only those grades for which boarding is available, no less than 25% of the eligible student population.
  9. All schools new to TABS must first be approved as Provisional Members and be continuous Provisional Members for two (2) years. [see Provisional Membership Criteria]

TABS reserves the right to exclude any organization that is deemed not to be in keeping with the mission of The Association of Boarding Schools.

The TABS Board Committee on Membership makes membership decisions based on the above requirements.

Provisional Membership Status for Schools New to TABS

Schools new to TABS will be classified as provisional members, with select benefits, for the first two years. Provisional members are eligible for complete benefits at the start of the third year. There is a one-time conversion fee of $3,000 payable at that time.

Benefits for Provisional Members:

  • Member pricing for annual conference, workshops, seminars and webinars
    • Provisional heads are welcome to attend the Heads' Dinner at the annual conference
  • Member pricing for any international recruitment fairs.
  • Inclusion in the annual print boarding school directory (coded as a provisional member)
  • Inclusion on the TABS website through a non-searchable, text only, static profile
    • A fully searchable online profile (photos/videos/audio) coded as a provisional member - available at at an additional $2000 per year
  • All full-member communications (except any research and statistics designated as proprietary)
  • Partial access to password-protected areas of TABS

Minimum Provisional Membership Requirements

  1. All schools new to TABS must first be approved as Provisional Members and be continuous Provisional Members for two (2) years.
  2. To be admitted as Provisional Members, schools must meet all eligibility requirements for Full Membership, except:
         a. They shall only be required to have operated their dormitories for at least two (2) consecutive years preceding Provisional Membership, and
         b. They shall be exempt from any minimum enrollment requirements
  3. A Provisional School must declare its intent to become a Full Member after expiration of the provisional period.
  4. After two (2) years of continuous provisional membership, declaration of intent to become a Full Member, and a final review by TABS for compliance with criteria, a Provisional Member will be admitted as a Full Member.
  5. By its nature, Provisional Membership is transitional. Provisional schools falling out of compliance with the membership criteria may be granted a brief grace or probationary period—at the sole discretion of TABS. Upon expiration of any grace period, non-compliant Provisional members will be dropped as members and required to reapply. If (re)-accepted, the two-year provisional period restarts.
  6. Provisional Members pay the same dues as Full Members but receive only partial benefits: principally, access to and member pricing for professional development workshops, conferences, symposia, and resources. Marketing, admission, and recruitment services are available to Provisional Members for an additional annual fee.
  7. Upon acceptance as a Full member, a Provisional Member must pay a one-time, non-refundable Full Membership enrollment fee (currently, $3,000), in addition to standard annual dues.

Associate Membership Program

Our Associate Membership program is designed for those individuals and organizations - not eligible for traditional membership - which serve, study, or otherwise are deeply involved in the TABS community of schools. We invite you to apply online, or download the PDF application form.

Benefits for Associate Members:

  • One complimentary registration to the TABS Annual Conference
  • Additional registrations to TABS Annual Conference available at the same discounted rates our Full/Provisional Members receive
  • Member rates for other TABS Professional Development Programs
  • Receive KeepingTABS, our Member e-Newsletter
  • Receive the annual print NowBoarding Magazine & Directory
  • Listed as Associate Member on the TABS website

View the Associate Members listing.


TABS does not accredit schools. Instead, TABS recognizes, for the purpose of membership, the accreditations granted by the following regional, state, and independent school associations. US schools applying for membership should be accredited by an evaluating agency recognized by TABS.


Note: TABS requires international schools applying for membership to be accredited in a manner consistent with the policies of the country/region/province in which they are located.

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