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  • Summer Session - This annual program now consists of four exciting programs: This is The Life! Boot Camp, Residential Life Academy, The New Teacher Academy and Admission Academy! This years programing will expand your knowledge base and benefit your campus community as you participate in a myriad of timely topics chosen for their relevance to your schools mission of guiding and shaping young lives. Join TABS at Boston University this summer!

  • The Independent School Conference on Law & Policy - Join your colleagues across the country for ISCLP, a tightly-focused, interactive workshop all about how independent schools manage risk. This new program is brought to you in collaboration by Campus Outreach Services (COS) and The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS).

  • TABS Lab: Res Life Leadership Workshop - This 3-day, hands-on workshop is most appropriate for Deans and Assistant Deans of Students, Directors and Assistant Directors of Residential Life, and Dorm Heads. It thoroughly explores how to create an intentional community and a life skills curriculum that will enhance the dormitory, boost faculty expertise and retention, and elevate the entire institution and community. Return to your school with the nucleus of a plan and the tools necessary to transform your school’s Residential Life program from adequate to exceptional. Bring your computers, and a willingness to participate.
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