A Simple Process


TABS developed the Boarding Schools Admission Application Form to simplify the admission process for applicants as well as for the teachers whom you select to complete recommendations.

The forms include:

  • The General Information Form to be completed by the applicant's family
  • The Applicant Questionnaire to be completed by the student
  • The Teacher Recommendation Forms to be completed by the applicant's current teachers

Some of the schools you are considering will accept all of these forms, and some have elected to accept one or two of the forms. Also, some schools may request additional information or forms not included in the Boarding School Admission Application. If you have questions about the admission application, please contact the schools to which you are applying. Here is a list of schools currently accepting the Boarding School Admission Application, with fees.


You must have a PDF viewer installed, such as Acrobat Reader. Right-click the links below to download the application. Forms include embedded fields for entering and saving information electronically.

The Admission Application Form is also available in sections. Should you require a portion of the entire form, use the links below.

Using the Forms

  • Plan Ahead! You and the teachers who complete the recommendations need time to do a thoughtful and thorough job. Contact the schools to which you're applying for their admission and financial aid deadlines.
  • Refer to the list of schools accepting the Boarding School Admission Application. Each school requires an application fee to be sent along with the forms. Fees are listed in parentheses after the school name. The first fee applies to applications from within the country the school is located. The second fee applies to international applications.
  • Contact the schools to which you want to apply to determine which sections of the Admission Application Form they will accept or which additional materials you must supply, if any.
  • Complete the forms according to the instructions. (You'll probably want to do a rough draft first).
  • Make photocopies of all the completed forms for your files.
  • Provide your teachers with the Recommendation Forms with addressed and stamped envelopes for each school to which you are applying. Let teachers know the dates by which these forms are due in the admission offices. (It's a nice gesture to send your teachers a thank-you note for doing this).
  • Contact the schools to schedule a campus visit if you have not already done so.