international applicants

international applicants

Inclusive Tradition, Global Profile

Boarding schools have long been a sought-after destination for international students. Overall, international students constitute about 15% of boarding school enrollment in TABS schools. The boarding school community today is truly a mosaic of cultures and traditions, brought together under the common rubric of delivering a world-class education that will open doors the world over. Incoming international students will benefit greatly from immersion in the language and culture of their new school, and international boarding school students will often find themselves in a position of real strength when applying to universities in North America and throughout the world.

Once you as an international student decide which school you're attending, you will need to apply for a visa. While the admission officer at your school can guide you through the process, this section of the site is designed to provide you with abundant information and resources on the following:

Applying for a U.S. Student Visa

Canadian Visas and Study Permits

Swiss and UK Student Visas

Good luck!