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Here’s your chance to talk to boarding school admissions teams about what makes their schools stand out. After that, you’ll know where you best fit in!

Welcome to TABS connectED!

The world’s most interactive and engaging global education hub. With live, interactive, and real-time engagement, this is where students, families, and boarding school admission teams connect. Check it out!

TABS connectED allows students, families, and boarding schools to build meaningful relationships and go beyond just a basic school search process.

Discover Boarding School Events

Students & Families from around the globe are welcome to attend!


15:00–19:00 UTC


11:00–14:00 UTC

Vietnamese Translation Available
18:00–21:00 (Vietnam Time Zone)


9:00–14:00 UTC

Japanese Translation Available
18:00–21:00 (Japan Time Zone)

Mandarin Translation Available
19:00–22:00 (China Time Zone)


Explore boarding school offerings, meet admission directors, attend knowledge-building sessions, participate in info sessions, and much more!


Chat with students and their families, learn about where their from, what they're looking for in their education journey, make meaningful connections, and provide a personalized experience to each and every student interested in the boarding option.

multi-faceted hub

Connections Start at TABS connectED

Knowledge-Building Sessions

Curated content to help families navigate the boarding school admission process.

Virtual Boarding School Hubs

Explore boarding schools across the USA, Canada and Internationally.

Breakout Info Sessions

Attend small group info sessions hosted by boarding school leaders.

Built-in 1-to-1 Virtual Meetings

Schedule and conduct private video and chat meetings with TABS connectED community members.

Fun Contests and Prizes

Compete in contests and win exciting prizes!

Social Feed

Engage the community through pics, videos and posts