Schools Still Accepting Applications for Fall 2022

Still Accepting Applications

The following is a list of schools that are still accepting applications for Fall 2022.
(As of April 20, 2022)
School NameGrades with Available SpaceContact EmailSchool WebsiteAdditional Information
‘Iolani School9–11[email protected] available for 9, 10 and 11
Admiral Farragut Academy8–12, PG[email protected]Www.Farragut.orgEquitable tuition and merit based awards available.
Albert CollegeK–5, 7–11[email protected]www.albertcollege.caFinancial aid still available
American International School-Salzburg7–11[email protected]www.ais-salzburg.atFinancial aid deadline has passed. Boarding spaces available for all grade levels to a limited extent.
Appleby College9, 11[email protected]www.appleby.on.caWe are only looking for male boarding students in grade 9 & 11.
Archbishop Riordan9[email protected]
Ashbury COllege9–12[email protected]Ashbury.caFew boarding spaces are available. Our boys and girls residences are likely to be full in the next few weeks, but we are still accepting applications. Boarding is from grades 9-12. Our Day program is currently full.
Blair Academy9–12, PG[email protected] fully enrolled for the fall of 2022, but still accepting applications for the waitlist. No financial aid available.
Branksome Hall8–11[email protected]
Brentwood College School9, 10[email protected]www.brentwood.bc.caLimited boy spots are available in Grade 9 and 10.
Brewster Academy9–11[email protected]www.brewsteracademy.org9th grade boys, 10th grade girls, 11th grade both
Buffalo Seminary9–12, PG[email protected]buffaloseminary.orgWe are welcoming high school students (9-12) and Post Graduate students to apply at this time.
Buffalo Seminary9, 10, PG[email protected]Buffaloseminary.orgLimited space boarding space 9,10, and PG.
Buxton School9–12[email protected]
Chatham Hall9–12[email protected]
Cheshire Academy9–12, PG[email protected]cheshireacademy.orgBoarding and day for 10-12, PG. Minimal financial aid available.
Christ School8–10[email protected]
Christchurch School 9, 10[email protected]www.christchurchschool.orgSpace available in grades 9 and 10
Colorado Rocky Mountain School9[email protected]www.crms.orgBoarding Spaces Only Available. Financial Aid Available.
Darlington School9–11[email protected]
Darrow School9–12[email protected]
Delphian SchoolK–12[email protected]
Delphian School3–9[email protected]www.delphian.orgBoarding Spaces only available for grades 7 and above. Financial aid is still available.
Dublin School9–12[email protected]dublinschool.orgNo Financial Aid available and spaces in 9th and 10th grade primarily.
Eaglebrook School6, 8[email protected]
Fay School7, 8[email protected]www.fayschool.orgA limited number of boarding spaces may be available.
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy 9–11[email protected]
Fork Union Military Academy7–12, PG[email protected]https://www.forkunion.comFinancial aid still available
Foxcroft Academy 9–12, PG[email protected]Foxcroftacademy.orgFinancial aid/ scholarship opportunities still available for appropriate applicants.
Garrison Forest School2, 4, 6, 8–11[email protected]gfs.orgminimal FA still available
Grand River Academy 8–12, PG[email protected]www.grandriver.orgWe have a generous amount of financial aid available. We have boarding and day spaces available. We have 100% college placement. Naturally recognized signature programs in STEM, Sports, Humanities, and more...
Hargrave Military Academy7–12, PG[email protected]
Hawaii Preparatory Academy3, 7–12, PG[email protected] spaces only for grades 9-12, PG Financial aid is limited but still available
Hillside School4–9[email protected]
Hoosac School8–12, PG[email protected]
Hyde School8–12, PG[email protected]Www.Hyde.eduFinancial aid is still available for the 2022-23 academic year. A robust summer program, the Hyde Summer Leadership Challenge (July 9-August 7), also has openings and there is financial aid availability for this, too.
Idyllwild Arts9–12, PG[email protected]idyllwildarts.orgLimited financial aid available.
Indian Mountain SchoolK–3, 7–9[email protected]www.indianmountain.orgWe have boarding spaces available for 7-9 grade and limited financial aid available. Please reach out to our office for more information, we welcome all inquiries.
Interlochen Arts Academy 9–12[email protected]Academy.Interlochen.orgFinancial aid is still available as well
Lakefield College School9[email protected]
Lexington Christian Academy (MA)8–11[email protected]Www.lca.eduNo.
Leysin American School7–12, PG[email protected]
Maine Central Institute 9–12, PG[email protected]www.mci-school.orgFinancial Aid Still Available
Midland School9, 10[email protected]midland-school.orgNeed-Based Financial Assistance Still Available
Millbrook School9, 10[email protected]www.millbrook.orgMostly have space available for boarding boy applicants.
Miller School of Albemarle8–12, PG[email protected] for boarding families; limited financial aid
Miss Hall's School9–11[email protected]www.misshalls.orgLimited financial aid is still available.
New Hampton School 9–12, PG[email protected]
Ojai Valley School9, 10[email protected]www.ovs.orgDay and Boarding Space Available for Grades 9 & 10
Oldfields School8–11[email protected]www.OldfieldsSchool.Org
Perkiomen School6–12, PG[email protected]
Pilgrim School8–12[email protected]
Queen Margaret's SchoolK, 2, 3, 6, 7,8, 12[email protected]www.qms.bc.caOur Senior school grade spots (8-12) are very limited. Priority will be given to Boarding students at this time.
Randolph-Macon Academy6–12, PG[email protected]www.RMA.eduFinancial Aid Available
Riverstone International School9–11[email protected]www.riverstoneschool.orgFinancial Aid still available; boarding spaces are available for grades 9, 10, and 11.
Ross SchoolK–12, PG[email protected]www.ross.orgBoarding for Grade 6-PG, Financial Aid available for Grade 6, 7, and 11.
Rosseau Lake College7–12[email protected]
Salem Academy9–12[email protected] spaces are available for all grades; Financial Aid still available; located on a college campus with access to college courses for 11th & 12th;
Santa Catalina School9–11[email protected]
Santa Catalina SchoolK–11[email protected]santacatalina.orgGrades K-8 are day only and co-ed. Grades 9-11 are all-girls; day and boarding.
Solebury School9, 10, 12, PG[email protected]www.solebury.orgWe have small to mid-level financial aid grants available for Grade 9 applicants.
St Stephen’s Episcopal School8–12[email protected]www.SSTX.orgWe still have financial aid; 1 8th grade spot; 2 9th grade spots and 2 19th grade spots.
St. Andrew's-Sewanee School8–12[email protected]
St. George’s School10[email protected]Www.stgeorges.eduWe are full at the moment, but accepting late applications in case of attrition this spring and summer.
St. John's Northwestern Academies7–11[email protected]sjnacademies.orgLimited financial aid is available.
St. John's-Ravenscourt School8–12[email protected]www.sjr.mb.caWe have financial aid available. Boarding available from Grades 8 to 12.
St. Margaret's School8–12, PG[email protected]www.sms.orgPlease contact Christina O'Neill to plan your visit to campus and start your application: [email protected] Financial aid available.
St. Thomas More School8–11[email protected]www.stmct.orgNeed based financial aid available to all applicants.
St. Timothy's School9, 11[email protected]www.stt.orgFinancial Aid is limited, but still available Boarding and Day spaces available in 9 and 11
Stanstead College8–10[email protected]www.stansteadcollege.comBoarding spaces only available for females in Grade 8 and 9, for males, 8, 9 and 10.
Stevenson School1, 9–11[email protected] - Grade 1, Boarding only - 9, 10, & 11. Limited financial aid.
Stoneleigh-Burnham School9–12, PG[email protected]sbschool.orgLimited financial aid available, both boarding and day availability in Grades 9 - 12 & PG. Stoneleigh-Burnham School (SBS) is a Grades 7 - 12 & PG school, but our Middle School (Grades 7 & *) is full. Join us!
Tallulah Falls School9, 10[email protected]
TASIS The American School in EnglandK–11[email protected] spaces for families relocating to the UK are available from Pre-K (age 3) through high school. Boarding spaces begin in grade 8 and are available through grade 11.
TASIS The American School in SwitzerlandK, 1, 3–10[email protected]www.tasis.chBoarding spaces available for boys in all grades, very limited for girls.
The Bement School6, 7, 9[email protected]ement.orgbement.orgboarding space only available for one boarding boy in grade 6. 7. or 9. No financial aid available.
The Fessenden School 6–9[email protected]www.fessenden.orgWe are ONLY accepting boarding applications for DOMESTIC boarding students in grades 6-9. We have no availability for day students.
The Frederick Gunn School9, 11, PG[email protected]www.gogunn.orgNo financial aid available. Looking particularly for girls. 9th grade has the most openings with 5 beds available. 11th grade girls 2 beds. PG girls 2 beds. We are also accepting full pay day students in each grade except 10th.
The Hun School of Princeton9–11[email protected]www.hunschool.orgBoarding Spaces only
The Knox School6–12, PG[email protected]
The Linsly School7–12[email protected]www.linsly.orgFinancial Aid Still Available
The Northwest School9–12[email protected]
The Orme School8–12, PG[email protected]Www.Orme school.orgFinancial aid is still available on a need basis. Boarding only.
The Storm King School8–12, PG[email protected]www.sks.orgLimited financial aid is still available. We have 11 spaces open at this time.
The Vanguard School6–12[email protected] are able to provide some Tailored Tuition at this time
The Webb School8, 9, 11[email protected]www.thewebbschool.comBoarding spaces available for grades 8, 9 and 11.
Thornton Academy6–12[email protected]
Trinity College School9–11[email protected]www.tcs.on.caWe are only accepting boarding boy applications.
Trinity-Pawling School 7–12, PG[email protected]www.trinitypawling.org7th grade - day student only 8-12 and PG - day and boarding available We do still have financial aid available. Please reach out for more information.
Wasatch Academy8–12, PG[email protected]
Washington Academy9–12, PG[email protected]www.washingtonacademy.orgFinancial Assistance still available
Wyoming Seminary9, 10[email protected]www.wyomingseminary.orgBoarding and day spots still available. F/A is available on a limited basis