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Lexington Christian Academy

Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

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Co-Ed, Christian/Non-Denominational

  • North Campus
  • Main Campus

Lexington Christian Academy is one of Greater Boston's most established independent college preparatory day and boarding schools which integrates faith and learning. LCA students discover their talents and passions in a balanced program with a challenging and relevant curriculum.

LCA students enjoy small classes in a beautifully updated campus with the 430-seat Cross Worship and Performing Arts Center and new Fitness Center, fully equipped computer labs with image, photo, and video editing software, as well as 3D printers. With a student – teacher ratio of 10:1, students get the chance to work closely with peers and faculty alike. LCA offers both need-based financial aid and merit-based scholarships.

Athletics and Fine Arts work together to provide a holistic educational experience where students and families alike are welcome to experience all that LCA has to offer. 85% of the student body is involved in at least one season of interscholastic sports. Students can choose to enroll in any of 14 classes in the Arts as well as Theatrical studies, musical performance, and community service.

As a college prep institution, LCA features a 2-year Academic Advising program followed by 2 years of College Advising. Our focus is on helping students discover their talents and passions as well as their aptitude in life; and helping them to find the college that best fits their needs, goals, and personality.

Graduates of LCA are fully prepared to thrive at the university level academically, personally, and spiritually. LCA enjoys a vibrant Alumni Network of professionals in finance, philanthropy, arts, sciences, and research.

At A Glance

  • Founded: 1946
  • Campus Size: 30 acres
  • Boarding Grades Offered: 6th-12th
  • Accredited By: NEASC
Student Body
GIRLS 21 147 168
BOYS 24 98 122
TOTAL 45 245 290
Tuition And Financial Aid
  • 7-Day Boarding: $62,800
  • 5-Day Boarding: $50,000
  • Day Tuition Fee: $31,950
  • Payment Plans: Offered
  • Need-Based Aid: Offered
  • Students Receiving Aid: 46.00%
  • Average Awarded: $16,580


  • Summary: Our curriculum builds on a foundation of basic skills to cultivate the concepts and intellectual skills needed for an understanding of the arts, humanities, and sciences. We emphasize the conceptual, abstract, and critical thinking; problem-solving; and independent study. We offer a challenging college preparatory curriculum that includes honors, Advanced Placement, and independent study courses that encourage academic and personal discipline.

    Students in grades 9 and 10 are supported with a dedicated Academic Advisor to individually develop a purposeful academic plan for college and beyond. They meet one-on-one to explore what they are passionate about and how this can become part of their plan.

    Grades 11 and 12 are supported through College Advising to further refine their plan and explore the college choices that are the best fit for them individually.

  • Department Director: James Talkington
  • Average Class Size: 15
  • Full Time Teachers: 35
  • Teachers Holding Advanced Degrees: 79.00%
  • Student/Teacher Ratio: 10:1
  • Number of AP courses Offered: 10

Campus Life

  • Department Director: Jeff Lane

Dorm Life
  • Number of Dorms: 13
  • Average Students Per Dorm: 26
  • No. of Girls Dorms: 1
  • No. of Boys Dorms: 1
  • Dorm Amenities: Game Room, Lounge, Wireless Internet, Single room with 1/2 bath en suite available for 7-day boarders, Shared room with 1/2 bath en suite for 5-Day boarders, Laundry Service, Kitchenettes, Music Practice Rooms, Art Room, Workout Room, Outdoor Basketball Court.
  • Dress Code: Casual

Student Life
  • Facilities: Baseball field(s), Fitness Center, Technology Center, Indoor basketball court(s), Indoor climbing wall, Tennis Courts
  • Clubs and Organizations: Chess Club, Community Service, Computer Club, Debate Club, Diversity Club, Dorm Proctors, Drama Club, FCA, Fencing, International Clubs, Literary Magazine, Math Club, Mock Trial, National Honor Society, Outing Club, Peer Tutoring, Pep Club, Photography, Snowboarding Club, Student Activities, Student Publications, Theater, Yearbook

Arts & Athletics

  • Summary: LCA is committed to a strong athletic program that works side-by-side with our Academics and Arts to provide a balanced education for our students. Our student-athletes are fervently devoted to their endeavors in the classroom and exhibit that same passion on the fields of competition.

    We are a proud member of the Eastern Independent League and offer 13 Varsity sports plus Junior Varsity options. Over 80% of our student body participates in at least one sport and over 60% compete in multiple seasons.

    Our coaches and teachers collaborate to minimize conflicts between athletics and class schedules, and provide extra help sessions and other events that ensure the complete experience of an LCA education. We want our athletes to develop qualities such as teamwork, self-discipline, leadership, confidence, servanthood, and respect - all qualities that prepare LCA students for the classroom, arts, spiritual and professional lives.

    Winning is always a goal for our teams, but equally prioritized is the important task of imparting live skills and values in our student-athletes that will endure long after the season ends.

    The Arts Division at LCA reaches over 95% of our diverse student body with an engaging education in the disciplines of Instrumental and Vocal Music, Visual Arts, and Theatre. A collaborative department of active, professional artists instruct students towards a faith-infused love and understanding of the importance and implications of practicing creativity and expression. By offering abundant opportunities to students of all interests, backgrounds and skill levels, we provide students with a balanced and in depth experience navigating the physical world through the artful use of their voices, bodies and through the creation of objects. Through encouragement, exploration, and the cultivation of curiosity in our students, the LCA Arts Division proudly graduates students with a deep understanding of why the arts are an essential part of their education

  • Arts Department Director: Amy Chaney
  • Athletics Department Director: Scott Stevens


Chamber Choir, Chamber Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, Choral Music, Drama Club, String Ensemble, Tech Crew, Theater

Interscholastic Sports

Baseball, Basketball, Cross-Country Running, Field Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Wrestling

Recreational Sports

Rock Climbing, Swimming, Weight Lifting

College Info

  • Summary: At LCA, we believe that college is not the final destination, but rather a stop on the path to a meaningful life of purpose and value. As a result, we have developed an approach to College Advising that is personalized, process-oriented and designed to help each student find the school that fits him or her best. Intentionally focused on building confidence and self-reliance, we provide our students with individual attention as we work to engage, challenge, empower and inspire them to succeed in college and beyond.
  • Department Director: Robert Scaro

College Information
  • Percentage of Graduates Who Attend College: 100.00%

Summer Programs

  • Department Director: Dr. Kim Winsor

Summer Musical Theatre Intensive

  • Lexington Christian Academy's Summer Musical Theatre Intensive offers students a chance to train with industry professionals, take masterclasses, and perform in a full scale production. Students will work with Jessica French, an American singer and actress.
  • Registration Deadline: N/A
  • Tuition:
  • Financial Aid Available:

SAT Prep Program

  • Registration Deadline: N/A
  • Tuition:
  • Financial Aid Available: No

SSAT Prep Program

  • Registration Deadline: N/A
  • Tuition:
  • Financial Aid Available: No
48 Bartlett Avenue
Lexington, Massachusetts, USA 02420
781-862-7850 ext.1185

  • Application Deadline: Rolling
  • Application Fee: $100
  • International Application Fee: $200
  • Accepts SSAT Standard Application Online (SAO): Yes
  • Accepts Gateway to Prep Schools Application: No
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